NeuraLabel 500e Patches

File Description Size (KB) Date
CALENG_LHS2.HCC.E242_updeng.flsNeuraLabel 500e Firmware Released 3/4/16313803/04/2016 10:22:23
LHS2.HCC.E239_updeng.flsNeuraLabel 500e Firmware Released 5/27/14313805/27/2014 18:40:13
NeuraLabel500eReleaseNotesE242.pdfRelease Notes for Firmware E24220003/04/2016 10:22:23
TrayLinkOff.npaResets Tray Linking to OFF - Upload to printer if continuous prints are going to Cut Sheet Tray003/12/2015 18:27:43
v0305.pjlFirmware update for Continuous Form Feeder 1/29/20158201/29/2015 16:03:42