Welcome to our blog!  You’ve come our way because you need to print labels.  Everybody wants to make their mark on their product, their community and their world.  But what does it take to make that mark?  Let’s find out.

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be discussing many of the key elements of product label making. We’ll explore the world of product labeling from start of label design to finishing equipment options; what label making means for you, your mark, and your product. Whether you are just getting started or you’re looking for a few new ideas, this is the place to find useful information about everything to do with product labeling.

Product labeling entails design, media, ink, a means of printing, possible finishing processes and an application mechanism. A daunting list for sure, but easily palatable when taken a step at a time.  In this series of articles we’ll take a look at each of these steps.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll break down labeling into those basic components, understand each one, and take a look at some of the choices available on the market today.