460Wasatch provides RIP (Raster Image Processing) and Print Management Software that creates more precise colors for the printed page. The custom driver for the NeuraLabel 300x printer was released in March of 2017. It requires Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.4 Label Edition, released in 2016, which now includes a simplified interface for printing labels.  Access to NeuraLabel driver settings is built in and intuitive. The Wasatch driver provides several pre-configured color databases and color correction curves for select 300x qualified media by leading manufacturers.  The driver also has a spot color replacement capability so that clients can get near perfect color on company logos and other special artwork.

The following 300x qualified medias have custom color correction profiles that has been preloaded into the Wasatch driver.  Other media profiles can be created upon request.

  • Avery Dennison/Fasson Glossy BOPP from (79659)
  • Avery Dennison/Fasson Glossy Paper DemandJet 500HG
  • UPM Raflatac Vinyl (SY823Z)
  • UPM Raflatac Glossy BOPP (SY841T/SY836N)
  • Wausau Coated  Matte Paper (W017316)
  • Wausau Coated  Satin Paper Part# 83612 (W024062)
  • AzCoat Satin BOPP (500109)
  • AzCoat –  TAG stock

In addition to supporting NeuraLabel’s 300x, Wasatch also provides drivers for the iTech CYPHER Digital Label Printer by Allen Datagraph Systems Inc. (ADSI). ADSI is a NeuraLabel partner providing the CYPHER system as a fast, narrow web printer, capable of printing up to 100 feet per minute.  The CYPHER system, based on 300x technology provides the same brilliant and durable colors as the 300x. Visit www.allendatagraph.com for more information.