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300x Media: To Perf or Not to Perf Rolled Media

This article addresses diecut media made for the NeuraLabel 300x printers. It contains a brief discussion regarding perforations between the labels, particularly applicable to rolled media. NeuraLabel 300x does not require diecut media to be perforated, however it does require the leading edge of the media to be squarely aligned when entering the printer.  It is […]

Avery Dennison Demand Jet 500 HG – A Glossy Paper Pressure-Sensitive Label Media

For our very first featured media we have selected an amazing glossy paper that gives brilliant print results and a great price.  Made by Avery Dennison, a global leader in labeling and packaging materials, this media is one of the few reasonably priced well-made high-gloss papers available.  Its fast drying time makes it ideal for […]