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UPM Raflatac Polyjet Gloss White SY841T – A Glossy Polypropylene Pressure-Sensitive Label Product

This week’s feature media is a Glossy Polypropylene product made by UPM Raflatac.  This media has amazing performance and is one of our most highly recommended “go to” medias when label image quality is critical.  Its instant dry time, high gloss finish and superior durability result in a very user friendly solution for a variety […]

New Glossy Top-Recommended Media from Wausau

Glossy Paper Media is a favorite for consumer label printing, and NeuraLabel is excited to recommend a new label stock available from Wausau Coated.  W028717, a 60# High Gloss InkJet paper with superior brilliance, is now available for the NeuraLabel 300x printer. The W028717 has the same facecoat as Wausau’s W018890 glossy paper, but has […]