Producing food product and nutrition labels comes with several hurdles. One of them is appropriately designing and printing the nutrition fact label. This label contains important facts and information about the product and must be displayed properly on the exterior packaging. These labels allow consumers to make informed decisions about their diet.

Beyond your eye-catching label and branding, nutrition facts are often the most impactful component of a consumer’s purchase decision.

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Before thinking about filling the nutrition facts box, all of the accurate information must be collected. These labels contain serving size information for calories, core nutrients, nutrient daily value percentages, and allergen information. Typically, producers will determine this information through laboratory testing or a nutritional database.

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A nutritional database can gather the required information without lab testing the products. These databases convert food and beverages into serving amounts to determine the nutrient values of the product. Complex products might require laboratory testing to accurately determine the ingredient percentages and nutrient values.

Build the Nutrition Labels

The FDA requires nutrition labeling for most prepared foods. While they do not test every product’s properties, they regulate how the nutrition facts are displayed. Nutrition facts must be displayed in a table regulated by the FDA, identifying nutrient values per serving based on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, nutritional statements, and allergen labeling.

The nutrition label is important for consumers for several reasons. For instance:

  • A consumer with a peanut allergy quickly identifies if the product is safe for consumption.
  • Someone with a sodium restriction can identify how much sodium they consumed in a serving and adjust their diet accordingly.
  • If trying to increase their protein intake, an athlete can accurately calculate the number of grams they consumed.

Mistakes in identifying nutrition facts or in displaying them can lead to product recalls, fines, and a negative consumer impression of the brand. Consultants are available to help navigate this process and ensure accurate information.  

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Design the Product Nutrition Labels

While the nutrition facts are a required portion of the labels, it is likely the least exciting part. When displaying a customer-facing product, the branding and graphics on the front compel someone to purchase or turn it around for a closer look at the details. To get the product into a potential customer’s hands, consider partnering with a designer with experience creating food labels. They will know what needs to appear to meet regulations and what is appealing on the shelf.

If all that is missing from your eye-catching label is the nutrition facts, several FDA-compliant Nutrition Facts label software platforms will assist in design.

Print the Product Nutrition Labels

It is possible to print your food product labels in-house for complete flexibility. Printing in-house allows for easy design changes, corrections, and alterations as needed. Often food products undergo changes related to ingredients or packaging sizes. The ability to print labels for your batch as produced eliminates potential shipping delays or rush fees due to reordering pre-printed labels.

With a full-color digital printer, all your nutrition labels, from black-and-white nutrition facts to customer-grabbing graphics, can be printed at once.   

Production of your nutrition labels is easily streamlined with a high-resolution digital label printer. NeuraLabel Printing Solutions offers high-resolution printers and durable pigment inks for food products and nutrition labels. Using NeuraLabel’s high-speed inkjet printers or dry toner-based laser printers, you can meet FDA requirements and impress customers with small legible text and durable vibrant prints that survive humid, wet, and cold environments. 

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