Most business owners don’t know about label printing. But it’s not your fault. Generally, most large businesses rely on local commercial printers to handle label production, and smaller businesses have settled on the ease of online label printers. When they need labels, they order more.

But there is a better way.

In this article from Label & Narrow Web magazine, you can learn how recent advancements in printing technology brings full-color, high-resolution, roll to roll printing right to your desktop. Much as they did for other industries such as mobile phones and electric cars, ongoing innovation and robust technology have reduced the size and improved the functionality of digital label printing machines, making it easy for small businesses to reduce costs and improve productivity.

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Why is this better? This means is you now have the ability to print your own product labels on-demand and in-house. Labels for food, beverages, nutraceuticals, hand sanitizer, medical devices, chemicals, and more can be designed, sized, re-sized, and printed multiple times compared to the long wait times for a single print job at your local or online printer.

The top three things you likely don’t know about tabletop (or desktop) label printers are below. Several more can be found in the linked article. Enjoy!

1. You don’t need special training or dedicated staff to print your own labels.

  • Ease of use. We’ve all heard that before, but NeuraLabel printers are designed with the end-user in mind. Friendly displays, online guides, and self-help training videos are available. No press operator needed.

2. You don’t need to spend a lot for label printing.

  • Lower costs. Large presses are great for large print runs producing multiple thousands of labels. But you’re renting space on their equipment. Owning your own tabletop digital printer offers lower per label costs for short or micro runs. These are ideal if you need to produce prototypes, print small batches, use variable data, or test market multiple versions. Eliminating the cost of extra label inventory goes right to your bottom line.

3. You don’t have to wait on your printed labels.

  • Speed is your advantage. With tabletop digital printers, you remain in control. Print on-demand and produce exactly the amount of labels, exactly when you need them. No more getting into a queue or dealing with delayed shipments when your label printing equipment is in-house. Put your product on the retail or wholesale shelf, while your competition continues waiting on their outsourced labels.

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