If a bright matte paper is what you need for your labels or tags, SuperJet™ Matte by AzCOAT is a great choice to use with NeuraLabel 300x.  The 60# SuperJet paper is made for inkjet printing and has been tested on the 300x with excellent results.  AzCoat’s SuperJet Matte media has an instant ink dry time with any printer driver settings and immediately smudge proof.

The SuperJet Matte uses a general purpose permanent adhesive with high initial tack and high ultimate adhesion.  Its service temperature range is -20F to +180F (minimal application temp of +35F) making it a great solution for a wide range of applications.  The adhesive complies with CFR 175.105 for incidental food contact.  Note that other adhesives are also available from the manufacturer.

This product uses a 50# release liner and has been made with a tight release to work well in the 300x in die-cut label form.  This media looks great and is one of our favorites at NeuraLabel.

AzCOAT Inc. is a leader in labeling and packaging materials. AzCOAT specializes in developing and manufacturing niche products that require adhesive application, top-coating or lamination process.  AzCOAT Inc. has been supplying labels since 1935.    Their website can be found at www.azcoat.com.

How can I buy this SuperJet Matte media?

This media may be purchased directly from AZCoat as stock rolls or it may be purchased in die-cut form from Hickman Bag & Label.  The part number for this media is AZCoat 200502N.