For our very first featured media we have selected an amazing glossy paper that gives brilliant print results and a great price.  Made by Avery Dennison, a global leader in labeling and packaging materials, this media is one of the few reasonably priced well-made high-gloss papers available.  Its fast drying time makes it ideal for applications printing variable information along with full color graphics.

NeuraLabel testing has found this to be one of the best glossy paper label medias available in terms of product brilliance and resilience.  To be sure, this media is not an “instant dry” product.  That is, the printed media should not be “handled” as it comes off the printer or smudges could occur.  However, careful handling of the media will not affect the print, and the media “cures” after about 5 minutes and is completely dry to the touch.  We recommend using a roll unit when printing on this media. If you can exercise a few minutes of patience, this inexpensive Avery Dennison media might get you the most bang for the media buck!

Avery Dennison Demand Jet 500 HG accepts all colors of ink exceptionally well.  Recommended printer driver settings for Media Type are both Synthetic Labels and Plain Paper with Ink Saver set to Low or Off.  Any of these settings provide excellent results.  Once the print goes through the “cure” period, the resulting prints are resilient and permanent.

Avery Dennison is a leader in labeling and packaging materials.  From the simple labels you might find at your office supply store, to more sophisticated industrial use labels, Avery Dennison has been supplying those label needs since 1935.  Their website can be found at

Fasson® DemandJetTM 500HG Data Sheet

How do I get this media?

For this and other blank die-cut and continuous label media, contact NeuraLabel sales for information.