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Top 5 reasons why the Scorpio Series compliments our label printing solutions

The all-in-one Scorpio Series label finishing offers everything you need to professionally cut and finish labels. Here are the top five reasons why the Scorpio Series is the solution to your label finishing needs: 5. Uses Regular Media for Custom Die Cuts Standard pre-die cut media limits design options to square, rectangular or circular shapes. […]

Part 4: Label Making Applications – Available Software

Label making applications will be more specialized to your label-making needs than generic graphics programs.  These programs offer features such as sequenced batch generation and tracking, precise placement of a label on a specified form, and access to a database of graphics and domain specific content.  In other words, if you have several product flavors, […]

Part 1. Designing your Label: Artwork

Label design is undeniably the most personal and stylistic element of the labeling processes. However, it can be guided by some fundamental principles to make the process quicker and easier.  Whether you have access to your own company artist or you choose to hire one of the ubiquitous graphics artists prevalent on the internet, it […]