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#1 Desktop Label Printer: Why Speed Is Critical

Is your desktop label printer speed really critical? And how fast is fast? Our label printer speed productivity analysis provides answers and gives recommendations on the #1 Desktop Label Printer for getting your product out the door.

Desktop Label Printer Speed in its simplest form is usually measured in feet per minute or inches per second of printed label media, different than cut sheet printers that have standard speed measurements in sheets per minute. Desktop Label Printer Speed is measured by some type of sensor or encoder found on the printer, similar to the speedometer found on an automobile. This sensor records the rate at which the media moves under the printhead to create a printed image. The faster the media moves and produces a print, the higher the label printer speed.

While Desktop Label Printer Speed is usually measured in feet per minute or inches per second, there are many speed-related factors that contribute to label printing productivity. Stationary printheads, such as that found in the Callisto Desktop Label Printer, cover the width of the print and produce the fastest speeds for inkjet printers. Other elements, such as time-to-print, media loading, job cancellation, and recovering from printer jams, should also be considered when evaluating overall printer speed and workflow productivity.

Label Ink Critical? 2 Simple Tests

It is a common misnomer that inkjet label printer ink does not match the robustness, durability or quality of laser or toner printers. Today’s pigment ink technology lesson debunks this myth. 

New NeuraLabel 550e Printers to Debut at PACK EXPO

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO Connects, a state-of-the-art online experience and virtual event, November 9-13, 2020.

7 Things You Don’t Know About Tabletop Label Printers

Most business owners don’t know about label printing. But it’s not your fault. Generally, most large businesses rely on local commercial printers to handle label production, and smaller businesses have settled on the ease of online label printers. When they… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Drives Demand for Hand Sanitizer and Chemical Labels

With most of the world under stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a rush for people to purchase certain retail products. First, there was a shortage (on retail shelves at least) of toilet paper, and in late… Continue Reading →

NeuraLabel Prints 3D Face Shield Parts for Local Health Care Providers

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions will repurpose its fleet of Stratasys F170 digital 3D printers to produce a component for face shields for the greater Houston community in our ongoing effort to defeat the COVID-19 virus. In conjunction with an effort by… Continue Reading →

SIRIUS White Toner Printer Showcased at WestPack

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions will be exhibiting at WestPack, the US West Coast’s largest packaging trade show in Anaheim, California on February 11-13, 2020. At WestPack, you’ll be exposed to the people, processes, and technology needed to move your projects forward,… Continue Reading →

NeuraLabel to Exhibit at Specialty & Custom Chemicals America

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions will be exhibiting at the Specialty & Custom Chemicals America event (SCCA) in Fort Worth, Texas on February 10-13, 2020. Specialty & Custom Chemicals America (SCCA) will feature a 3-day networking forum for suppliers and buyers involved with… Continue Reading →

Top 5 reasons why the Scorpio Series compliments our label printing solutions

The all-in-one Scorpio Series label finishing offers everything you need to professionally cut and finish labels. Here are the top five reasons why the Scorpio Series is the solution to your label finishing needs: 5. Uses Regular Media for Custom… Continue Reading →

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