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USB or Network Printing: Which is Best?

If you’re wondering whether you should print using a USB or network connection, there’s a simple answer. If at all possible, print using network! While USB printing is absolutely fine, network printing is easier than you think and has several… Continue Reading →

300x Media: To Perf or Not to Perf Rolled Media

This article addresses diecut media made for the NeuraLabel 300x printers. It contains a brief discussion regarding perforations between the labels, particularly applicable to rolled media. NeuraLabel 300x does not require diecut media to be perforated, however it does require… Continue Reading →

Pay Attention to the Mark Adjust Setting for Label Printing

When printing labels, have you ever noticed that your images tend to bleed outside of the label like this? As you can see, this label has a big “open” space on the left side of the label, while the right… Continue Reading →

Picking the right 300x driver settings for your media

The 300x prints to a variety of label media types including glossy, mattes, satins, and even fabrics.  Here are a few rules of thumb for getting the best looking prints possible! There are two key driver settings that affect the… Continue Reading →

Printing Full Coverage Labels on the 300x

The 300x prints a variety of label shapes and sizes.  If you wish to print full bleed or full coverage labels, you will need to configure the printer correctly and use label media that meets the full bleed specification. There… Continue Reading →

Why You Need to Buy a Label Printer

If your company uses labels of any form, you have probably had to think about whether to buy a label printer or outsource the label printing to a third-party vendor. Here are a few reasons why you should buy a… Continue Reading →

The Best Media for Avoiding Printer Jams

Label media has many features that make it a good fit for a particular application.  Media material such as paper, polypropelene, polyester or vinyl, will have a particular finish, such as glossy, satin, matte or something in between. The facestock coating… Continue Reading →

Thaw That Printer

Cold weather has finally arrived for the year!  This article provides a bit of cold weather printer trivia that can help you avoid confusion once the thermometer drops. Both the NeuraLabel 300x printer and its ink cartridges have a normal… Continue Reading →

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