NeuraLabel is pleased to present another verified superior media solution from FilmLOC, a Matte BOPP label that combines superior image durability with a classic matte look.

Our durability testing includes verification of the print’s resistance to rubbing and scratching as well as to the application of a number of common chemicals, such as ammonia, acetone and alcohol. Results of each of these tests showed little to no effect on original image quality for the FilmLOC media.

When printing to the FilmLOC matte BOPP, ink saver should be set to at least low, and possibly high, depending on the saturation and coverage of the image. This will maximize image quality as well as decrease costs from ink consumption, making this a good choice for the cost conscious.

FilmLoc FL88P


FilmLOC is a leading supplier of innovative equipment and materials with a history of partnering with customers and suppliers.  FilmLOC offers expertise in label printing and converting and in distribution.

NeuraLabel will test media from any media manufacturer.  Please contact us at if you are a media manufacturer and would like to send us samples.