It is a common misnomer that inkjet label printer ink does not match the robustness, durability or quality of laser or toner printers. Today’s pigment ink technology lesson debunks this myth.  You might ask, “Why is the quality of your NeuraLabel Callisto printer label ink so clear and precise?”  Or, “Doesn’t label ink fade over time and run if you spill coffee on it?” Our practical tests answer these questions.

2 Simple Tests to Demonstrate Why label Ink is Critical

You asked and we delivered; we put the Callisto printer to the test. We used a paper well log print from the Callisto printer to perform basic label ink testing. Paper well logs are long strip charts and are a common media for geologists to study the earth in the energy industry. Product labels can be any shape and size and are constructed from a variety of synthetic or paper materials, usually with an adhesive layer and backing. Both synthetic and paper label media are very common for product labeling. These particular tests were performed on well log paper media. The Callisto printer and label ink are the same for both well log and label media types.

The photo below shows the before and after pictures from our coffee spill and ice cube melt tests on paper prints made by the Callisto printer.  The coffee spill seen on a paper well log print did not cause the ink to smear or run. Likewise, the water stain from the melted ice cube, while faintly visible, did not affect the print itself. All text and features are still readily legible.

coffee spill and ice cube melts show that label ink is critical for print durability
Coffee Spill and Ice Cube Melts did not Smudge or Smear the Callisto Label Ink

We also conducted a high humidity test by placing a paper well log in the fridge next to a ripe watermelon for three days and nights. The pages did not stick, and the ink did not transfer! Even in this moist environment the ink held up, and the print was preserved.

fridge humidity tests show that label ink is critical for print durability
A High Humidity Refrigerator did not Smudge or Smear the Callisto Label Ink

Why doesn’t the Callisto label ink run?

NeuraLabel Callisto printer label ink does not run. Other label printers, and in fact many inkjet printers, use dye-based aqueous inks, while the Callisto uses pigment-based aqueous inks.  Dye-based label inks consist of a colorant that is fully dissolved and suspended in a liquid.  The dye-based technology is often used in cut-sheet printers where durability and quality are less important.  On the other hand, pigment-based aqueous label inks consist of a very fine powder of solid colorant particles suspended in a liquid carrier.  The suspended pigments make for a more durable longer-lasting label. 

The key disadvantages of dye-based label inks are water-solubility, fading of the label prints, and lack of ink vibrancy. A single drop of water can ruin a label print made from dye-based ink, and when exposed to the environment, these prints fade over time, Dye-based ink printed pages and labels also often lack the color “pop” that their pigment-based counterparts offer. Pigment inks last longer, are more water-resistant, and produce more vibrant colors.

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions, a Neuralog Company

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions, a company that provides commerical-grade label printers, label winding equipment and label conversion equipment, is part of Neuralog LP, the company that makes and manufactures the Callisto printer. Neuralog was founded in 1991 to create innovative solutions for the energy industry. Neuralog’s innovative solutions include both hardware and software, specifically the manufacture of both continuous document scanners and continuous document printers. Neuralog also offers software products related to well logs and mapping.

Markets that would have an interest in the Callisto and its label ink include GHS and compliance, barcodes and shipping, chemical and cleaning, medical, pharmaceuticals, refrigerated items, cosmetics, foods and beverages, etc. Many of these industries have stringent requirements for printing durability and permanency. The Callisto Printer can be used for printing labels in any of these industries, as well as for printing well logs for the energy industry.

Many of the Callisto label printer markets have extreme label durability requirements. Callisto pigment ink and labels must be BS5609 certified for many markets. BS5609 certification establishes whether labels remain adhesive and readable on containers and barrels, after prolonged exposure to the ocean environment, including both seawater and sand abrasion. Whether a particular label requires this certification or not, it is certain that the Callisto printer pigment-based label ink is a long-lasting solution for a variety of label printing.

Callisto Label Printer Highlights

  • Durable aqueous pigment inks are long-lasting and resistant to spills and humidity.
  • High-capacity cartridges are long lasting – one set holds well over a liter of ink.
  • Any print width up to 11.9 inches can be printed – print any size label from 1×1 inches to 12xunlimited inches.
  • Printer prints at speeds up to 90 feet per minute.
  • Labels can be printed from any PDF viewer such as Adobe or Foxit.
  • Labels can be printed from industry applications such as Bartender or NiceLabel.
  • Labels can be printed from enterprise systems such as SAP.

The Callisto label printer will print high-quality colorfast labels at your own shop or factory. Find out more about the Callisto label printer and our Callisto pigment-based label ink by visiting  

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