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Part 2: Designing your Label: Shape and Size

Another key element of label design is the shape and size of your label, and this week’s blog will give you some clues on how to make this easy. If you choose a “standard” die-cut label, you can eliminate laser cut finishing… Continue Reading →

What’s a PRN file, why do I need it and how do a make one?

A PRN file is simply a printer file that is created for a specific printer in a language that the printer understands. Therefore PRN files are printer model specific and will not work with other types of printers.  The format… Continue Reading →

Part 1. Designing your Label: Artwork

Label design is undeniably the most personal and stylistic element of the labeling processes. However, it can be guided by some fundamental principles to make the process quicker and easier.  Whether you have access to your own company artist or… Continue Reading →

FilmLOC Combines Superior Durability with Classic Matte Look

NeuraLabel is pleased to present another verified superior media solution from FilmLOC, a Matte BOPP label that combines superior image durability with a classic matte look. Our durability testing includes verification of the print’s resistance to rubbing and scratching as… Continue Reading →

A SuperJet Matte Paper for the 300x

If a bright matte paper is what you need for your labels or tags, SuperJet™ Matte by AzCOAT is a great choice to use with NeuraLabel 300x.  The 60# SuperJet paper is made for inkjet printing and has been tested… Continue Reading →

Glossy Labels

Evaluating Glossy Paper Media for use with NeuraLabel 300x Printer Even the best label printers depend on the quality of the media to produce good looking prints. To achieve excellent print quality, some types of media (in particular glossy papers)… Continue Reading →

Spinnaker Medias Offer Superior Resistance to Common Chemicals

There are many types of media, supplied by a variety of media manufacturers, that work well with the NeuraLabel 300x.  In NeuraLabel’s ongoing effort to identify superior medias, we’ve discovered two products by Spinnaker Coating that when used with 300x… Continue Reading →

Jordan Essentials Uses the NeuraLabel 300x for Versatility

Before contacting NeuraLabel, Jordan Essentials struggled with legacy flexographic printing services that limited their abilities and cut into their margins. NeuraLabel provided them with a responsive printing and finishing system for narrow or wide labels on demand with scalable volumes… Continue Reading →

Weber Packaging Solutions Selects NeuraLabel 300x

Weber Packaging Solutions (WPS) offers label printing as a service and also serves as a supplier to additional customers. WPS recognized an opportunity to help one of its important customers improve its short-run label printing process. The printers they were… Continue Reading →

Updating 300x Firmware from a MacIntosh

Use the following steps to update your NeuraLabel 300x firmware using your MacIntosh. These instructions apply for a network or USB cable connection. MacIntosh users should contact NeuraLabel support for the appropriate firmware update file.  Note that these steps send the firmware… Continue Reading →

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