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Top 5 reasons why the Scorpio Series compliments our label printing solutions

The all-in-one Scorpio Series label finishing offers everything you need to professionally cut and finish labels. Here are the top five reasons why the Scorpio Series is the solution to your label finishing needs: 5. Uses Regular Media for Custom… Continue Reading →

A Better Glossy Label? Color profile brings life to glossy setting

Glossy labels are by far the most popular label media for product labeling, and for many clients, nothing is more appealing than seeing your brand on a bright shiny label. Glossy labels do offer a unique set of challenges. Large ink pigments – in… Continue Reading →

Satin Matte Polypropylene from AZCoat – A “Go To” media that won’t let you down!

If you were to ask about a NeuraLabel “Go To” synthetic media, our Satin BOPP easily wins.  This favorite Polypropylene is a Superjet 2.6 mil white BOPP with a satin topcoat. The brilliance of color on this media is excellent,… Continue Reading →

Part 3: Graphics Applications

This month we’ll be discussing some of the more common graphics applications that might be used in label design. Even if you outsource label design creation, you’ll want to be aware of the application(s) and platform used to create your label…. Continue Reading →

A Commercial Grade Label Printer: The 6 key components

Whether you’re just getting started or have been running your own business for awhile,  you need to know that you have robust reliable equipment. Because maintenance costs often far outweigh the initial investment, finding quality products of a commercial grade is critical… Continue Reading →

A review of Emax Satin Polyester Fabric media (PSS1524G090)

This week we’re excited to feature something very different, a great fabric media. This Satin Polyester Fabric PSS1524G090 is made by Emax Label Solutions. About the media:  Fabric labels are very popular in the garment, mattress and carpet industries. If… Continue Reading →

Part 4: Label Making Applications – Available Software

Label making applications will be more specialized to your label-making needs than generic graphics programs.  These programs offer features such as sequenced batch generation and tracking, precise placement of a label on a specified form, and access to a database… Continue Reading →

Label Media: Should I choose rolled or fan-fold labels?

Continuous label media comes in two forms, rolled or fan-fold.  This article looks at the advantages and disadvantage of each, in hopes of helping you choose the best media form for your workflow. Fan-Fold Label Media Fan-fold labels make a… Continue Reading →

Part 2: Designing your Label: Shape and Size

Another key element of label design is the shape and size of your label, and this week’s blog will give you some clues on how to make this easy. If you choose a “standard” die-cut label, you can eliminate laser cut finishing… Continue Reading →

What’s a PRN file, why do I need it and how do a make one?

A PRN file is simply a printer file that is created for a specific printer in a language that the printer understands. Therefore PRN files are printer model specific and will not work with other types of printers.  The format… Continue Reading →

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