When printing labels, have you ever noticed that your images tend to bleed outside of the label like this?

Image 1 with mark adjust 20

As you can see, this label has a big “open” space on the left side of the label, while the right side of the design is cut off, and you are left only with a partial image. This is where the mark adjust setting comes into play. This setting is used to modify the image position on the label media with respect to the mark.

On the NeuraLabel 300x, the default setting is “20” (see image 1). To move the image closer to the mark, the user needs to decrease the mark adjust value.

Depending on how big of a gap you have on your label, you should allow 10 mark adjust units for about 1/10 of an inch. A great rule to follow is:

  • To move an image away from the printed mark, decrease the mark adjust.
  • To move an image closer to the printed mark, increase the Mark Adjust setting.

As you can see in image 2, when you set the mark adjust to 0, the whole image is now on the label, but it is off-centered and not ideal.

Image 2 with mark adjust at 0

The mark adjust setting range can go from 30 to -30. Our advice is to play around with the mark adjust until the image is centered perfectly on the label. This is going to take some time and patience, but this is a skill that can be mastered (see image 3 below).

Image 3 with mark adjust -20

If you would like to discuss the mark adjust feature for label printing or any other label printing tips or advice, shoot us an email at sales@neuralabel.com. We look forward to hearing from you.