This article addresses diecut media made for the NeuraLabel 300x printers. It contains a brief discussion regarding perforations between the labels, particularly applicable to rolled media.

NeuraLabel 300x does not require diecut media to be perforated, however it does require the leading edge of the media to be squarely aligned when entering the printer.  It is crucial that the external media path is aligned with the printer input and that the media has a clean square leading edge.

There are three ways of separating label stock to ready it for placement in the printer: burst perforation, cut with scissors, tear the backing between the labels. Perforated media obviously has the advantage of a straight edge; however, if the media is made without perforations, scissors should be used to create a square leading edge for correct placement. Do not tear the label backing between the labels and place into the printer.  The jagged edge or exposed adhesive may cause a printer jam.  If the media is torn and loaded into the initial position in the printer, it is possible no problems will occur, however this is not a recommended best practice.

Note that if there are no perforations and no scissors available, it is possible to jog the leading edge of the media all the way through the printer to establish a straight paper path. This will insure normal printing.

Why would you choose not to perforate the media?  One less step in label making and one less expense.  Also, non-perforated media can more smoothly flow through the printer. That is, potential “tenting” at the perforations is eliminated, and overall print quality may be better.  If there is no need for perforations, best practice is to leave your rolled media un-perforated and cut with scissors.