The 300x prints to a variety of label media types including glossy, mattes, satins, and even fabrics.  Here are a few rules of thumb for getting the best looking prints possible!

There are two key driver settings that affect the amount of ink that is sprayed onto the media.

Media Type has values of Plain Paper, Synthetic Labels, Matte Labels and Glossy Labels.  Matte Inkjet Papers is very similar to Matte Labels, but adds slightly more black ink.  (There are other values more appropriate for Inkjet Papers.)  Each media type setting places different amounts of black ink on the media, with respect to the other colors.

Ink Saver has values of Off, Low, and High.  Very Low and Medium values have been added on the latest driver versions.  Each Ink Saver setting places different amounts of all ink on the media.

Printer Driver Media Name

Amount of Black
Plain Paper/Matte Labels/Matte Inkjet Papers* Lots
Synthetic Labels Small amount
Glossy Labels None

*Plain Paper and Matte Labels setting have only negligible differences. Matte Inkjet Papers is very similar, but adds a little more black.

Ink Saver Ink Usage
Low 10% less ink
High 25% less ink

Any combination of these driver settings will work, but how do you know which settings work best for your media?

If your labels have a matte finish, Plain Paper or Matte Labels is usually the best choice.  Matte labels generally look good with any driver setting.  Ink Saver Off is usually recommended, however Ink Saver Low may be a great choice and save a little on ink costs.

If your labels have a glossy finish, or something in between glossy and matte, finding the right settings is a little trickier. Glossy finishes are much less porous than matte and often don’t absorb ink as well.  While the Glossy Labels setting might seem to be a good choice, it does not use any black ink, often causing the label to not have that visual “pop” that clients expect.  On the other hand, Plain Paper or Matte Labels settings that use a lot of black ink might cause the label to look blotchy or mottled because the less permeable surface does not absorb the black ink as well.  Turning on Ink Saver might also be necessary to get the best look for your glossy label media.  (That’s right, some label media looks better with Ink Saver on!)

If you are willing to experiment and want to find the very best driver choice, we recommend printing samples on your media using the following process.  It doesn’t matter whether you use the continuous form or cut sheet trays for this procedure.  You will need to evaluate color portions and black portions of the image independently because we have controls for each.  If you follow the steps below you can find the best settings with only a few sample prints.

PRINT a sample label image with Synthetic Labels, Ink Saver Low.  This is our favorite general use setting.  It may not be the best final choice, but is represents a compromise and is a great place to start.

INSPECT each printed image.  How does the image look?  Follow these steps in the order specified, printing and inspecting at each step.

  • All colors and black look good. Congratulations!  You’ve chosen the best Settings.
    Synthetic Labels, Ink Saver Low
  • The colors look good but the black seems to be too heavy, mottled or smudgy.
    • Try changing to Glossy Labels setting that uses no black. Glossy Labels, Ink Saver Low
      • If you need to use Glossy Labels so that no black is used, but want more color on the image, try turning off Ink Saver. Glossy Labels, Ink Saver Off
      • If you need to use Glossy Labels so that no black is used, and are ok with less color on the image, try turning Ink Saver to Glossy Labels, Ink Saver High
    • Try changing Ink Saver to High so that less ink is used for all colors and black.
      Synthetic Labels, Ink Saver High
  • The colors and the black seems to be too heavy, mottled or smudgy.
    • Try changing Ink Saver to High. Synthetic Labels, Ink Saver High
      • If the media will tolerate black ink well and you want more “pop” try Plain Paper which turns up the amount of black. Plain Paper, Ink Saver High
    • The colors and the black are too faint.
      • Try changing Ink Saver to Off. Synthetic Labels, Ink Saver Off
      • Try changing to Plain Paper (or Matte Labels) setting that uses more black. (You can also try Matte Inkjet Papers, which uses even more black.)  Plain Paper, Ink Saver Low
      • Try changing both of these settings. Plain Paper, Ink Saver Off

Finding the best driver setting for your media is subjective, but using the above process can give fast results with only a few sample prints.  It is important to realize and remember that different medias have drastically different results, and different individuals may evaluate these results differently.

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions has tested over 100 sample medias and has published recommended driver settings at  If you need help testing a particular media and can send us a sample, we are happy to assist.