The 300x prints a variety of label shapes and sizes.  If you wish to print full bleed or full coverage labels, you will need to configure the printer correctly and use label media that meets the full bleed specification.

There are two ways to print full bleed labels on the NeuraLabel 300x.  The first is to set up the printer as a web or label press.  For a label press configuration blank rolled media is fed into the printer and exits the printer using roll-to-roll equipment.  Images are printed directly onto the blank rolled media along with registration marks for further processing by finishing equipment.  Virtually any size and shape images up to 8.25” wide can be printed using label press mode.  Once the media is printed, it is usually sent to finishing processes such as laser cut and lamination.

Because label press media has no registration marks, only No Marks mode should be used when printing on a label press.  With No Marks mode the printer can also be configured to print with no page borders, i.e., borderless, in the continuous direction. Borderless mode allows the creation of a single seamless image, like a wallpaper border.  Alternatively, borderless mode can be configured to print individual full-bleed labels that are spaced apart on the label press media.  Both Marks Mode and Borderless Mode are set in the 300x Printer Driver.

The second way to print full bleed labels is to print on marked die-cut media with the NeuraLabel 300x full bleed specification.  This label media will have 0.25” backing gaps between the individual labels on the media backing. This allows the labels to be printed in Marks Only, Borderless Off mode but still print as full bleed on the actual label material.  To accomplish full bleed, define the label page size (Windows form you select when you print) to be 0.25” larger than the actual label.

For example:  1.5” x 2.75” Full bleed labels needed.

  • Label Size: 1.5” x 2.75”
  • Page Size: 1.75” x 3.0”


In the example media, the label size is 1.5 inches wide by 2.75 inches long.  However, the page size (defined in the printer driver) used to print the label is 1.75 inches wide by 3 inches long.  If you measure the mark-to-mark or perf-to-perf distance of the media, you will find this to be exactly three inches. The exact width of the backing isn’t important.

To summarize, the important thing to remember when printing full bleed labels is to use the right media combined with the correct driver settings.  Whether you set up the printer as a label press or use pre-cut marked media, the 300x printer will deliver high quality full coverage labels with excellent precision.