In the medical industry, accurate labeling is critical to ensure patient safety and comply with regulatory requirements. That’s why NeuraLabel offers a range of digital label printing solutions specifically designed for medical device labeling. Here are five of the ways in which NeuraLabel can help streamline the medical labeling process.

Medical Device Labeling

Compliance with FDA Regulations

The FDA has strict regulations when it comes to labeling medical devices. NeuraLabel’s digital label printers are designed to meet FDA labeling requirements, including unique device identifier (UDI) labeling. NeuraLabel works with various labeling software, allowing medical device manufacturers to easily create and print compliant labels that meet regulatory standards.

High-Quality Medical Label Printing

When it comes to labeling, accuracy and clarity are of utmost importance. NeuraLabel’s digital label printers offer high-quality printing capabilities, producing crisp text and vibrant, colorful labels. Many medical device labels involve small text and barcodes for identification. NeuraLabel’s Callisto features 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution, which allows for many fonts to be legible as small as 2 point text.

Variable Data Printing

NeuraLabel’s software compatibility allows for support of variable data printing, allowing medical device manufacturers to print unique information on each label. This is useful for products with different sizes or variations and for labeling items such as surgical kits or trays. Variable data printing also enables easy tracking and lot identification of individual devices, which can be critical in the event of a recall or other safety issue.

If there is a existing labeling software used, contact us to see how one of our solutions can integrate into the current workflow.

Durable Labels for Medical Devices

Medical devices are subject to a variety of environmental factors, including temperature changes, moisture, and exposure to chemicals. NeuraLabel’s digital label printers are capable of printing on a wide range of substrates, including durable materials that can withstand harsh conditions. This ensures that labels remain legible and intact throughout the life of the product.

Flexibility in Labeling

NeuraLabel’s digital label printers offer a high level of flexibility when it comes label run size and label design.

Many manufacturers print labels in-house to avoid label shortages caused by printing mistakes or regulation changes. A in-house printing solutions increase production flexibility by allowing quick label changes to be updated on-demand. With mid-run and production run options, there is a solution for any workflow.

Medical device manufacturers can customize labels with branding elements, logos, and other design features, making creating a cohesive look across multiple products easy. Customizable label design also allows for clear and easy-to-understand instructions, warnings, and other critical information to be included on each label.


In the medical industry, accurate and compliant labeling is essential to ensure patient safety and meet regulatory requirements. With NeuraLabel’s digital label printing solutions, medical device manufacturers can streamline the labeling process while producing high-quality, durable labels that meet FDA standards. Variable data printing and customizable label design offer additional benefits, allowing for easy tracking and identification of devices and clear communication of important information.

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