If you were to ask about a NeuraLabel “Go To” synthetic media, our Satin BOPP easily wins.  This favorite Polypropylene is a Superjet 2.6 mil white BOPP with a satin topcoat. The brilliance of color on this media is excellent, and the durability is the highest quality.  When used with the NeuraLabel 300x this media is versatile and looks good with almost any printer setting.

Made by AzCOAT Inc., a specialty provider of printable films and papers, this media is both smudge proof and water resistant.  This Satin BOPP has an AzCOAT 500109 general purpose adhesive and a 41#LF white uncoated kraft paper liner. The Satin finish places it in a category that closely rivals glossy labels for end user appeal.

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions testing has found this to be one of the best label media available in terms of product brilliance and resilience.  The “instant dry” makes it smudge free for immediate handling without sacrificing a great printed image with brilliant colors.  AzCOAT Satin Polypropylene 200488 accepts all colors of ink well.  For this media we recommend a Printer Driver Media setting of either Plain Paper or Matte Inkjet Papers, which places a controlled amount of black ink on the media.  Ink Saver Off is recommended for the best looking print, however Ink Saver Low may be used when needed.

AzCOAT Inc. is a leader in labeling and packaging materials. AzCOAT specializes in developing and manufacturing niche products that require adhesive application, top-coating or lamination process.  AzCOAT Inc. has been supplying labels since 1935.    Their website can be found at www.azcoat.com.

How do I get this media?

For this and other blank die-cut and continuous label media, contact NeuraLabel sales for information.