There are many types of media, supplied by a variety of media manufacturers, that work well with the NeuraLabel 300x.  In NeuraLabel’s ongoing effort to identify superior medias, we’ve discovered two products by Spinnaker Coating that when used with 300x pigment inks have extreme resistance to a variety of common chemicals.

In our standard chemical tests, Spinnaker Coating DiversiPrint Polyester/4LZ /3.5m LF and 5.0 mil Matte White Ink Jet Polypropelene PDL-55 50# were found to be extremely resistant to our entire suite of test chemicals.  These tests included tap water, common hand sanitizer (active ingredient 65% ethyl alcohol), ammonia-based cleaning product,  medical wipes (active ingredient Isopropanol 17.2%) and acetone.

The tests involve applying the chemical onto the 300x printed media once the media has been given a 24-hour cure period.  Well saturated media is firmly rubbed with a paper towel for each chemical test.  The results of the Spinnaker media tests showed no affect on image quality.

With these two super-resistant media solutions, it is possible to label products in chemical-rich environments without the need for lamination. NeuraLabel believes this could be a valuable solution for many companies.  End users are encouraged to perform their own independent product testing, and NeuraLabel is happy to assist.

How do I get this media?

For this and other blank die-cut and continuous label media, contact NeuraLabel sales for information.

NeuraLabel will test media from any media manufacturer.  Please contact us at if you are a media manufacturer and would like to send us samples.