Have you heard of “Kirkland Signature™”? This is a private-label brand of Costco Wholesale Corporation and one of the more prominent examples of a private-label brand. Kirkland Signature offers a wide range of products all sold exclusively in Costco. These products are designed by different manufacturers, held to high-quality control standards, and packaged with the Kirkland Signature branding.

A Private Label Company, also known as a Private Label Manufacturer or Store Brand Manufacturer, is a business that specializes in producing products or goods for other companies to sell under their own brand names. Private label companies offer a wide range of products across various industries, and their primary function is to manufacture and package these products according to their clients’ specifications and branding requirements. These manufacturers require flexibility throughout the entire production process, all the way to the label applied to each product.

Evolution of Private Labeling
Evolution of Private Labeling

For these private label companies, having an in-house label printer offers many advantages over outsourcing label production. In-house printing gives them greater customization, speed and flexibility, cost efficiency, and quality assurance in label production. In-house printing allows them to meet their client’s unique branding and product needs while responding quickly to market changes and regulatory requirements. We’ll dive deeper into these critical aspects of private label companies and how NeuraLabel’s printing solutions complement their production-to-market workflow!


In all businesses, customization and speed can mean the difference in timely product sales. The ability to customize labels gives private label companies the flexibility to create ideal labels that are not only functional and compliant, but eye-catching while adhering to the client’s brand identity.

What are some areas of customization that might require in-house label printing? Numbered or sequenced product labels is the most obvious. Many companies carry products that require unique identification for each individual item. Medical, chemical, and other industrial arenas may have this requirement to enable them to closely track regulated products.

Lot or batch numbers may also need to be added to the label and these requirements often include date and location information that can only be added as part of production. Packaging of food stocks and other perishable items often needs this labeling flexibility.

Finally, area-specific regulatory and compliance information may need to be added to products deployed to different countries or regions. Having the ability to label in-house allows final customization as products are deployed across the globe.

Speed and Flexibility

Product production often requires speed and flexibility for quick market deployment. Speed and flexibility in private labeling mean that the company can move from production to labeling to deployment, even when outside circumstances interfere. Events from minor to catastrophic might range from delivery-channel disruptions to production equipment failures to power outages from severe weather. In these cases, a quick recovery is needed to get product deployment back on track. A flexible and fast labeling system can be a critical part of the recovery process.

The right label printing solution will be crucial for quickly producing product labels in a timely manner. In the case of private label companies, the ability to pivot and create the ideal label for the product is just as important as the product itself. An in-house label printer provides the flexibility for private label companies to quickly create, tweak, and print labels based on each batch. A NeuraLabel Label Printer is a stand-alone printing solutions that allows these companies to print custom, high-quality, vibrant customer-facing labels when needed!

In-house label printing means companies can print anything from one proof for customer approval to complete mid-volume runs to fulfill batch requirements on the same day. 

Private label companies often operate in dynamic markets with rapidly changing demands. In-house label printing enables them to respond quickly to market trends, regulation requirement updates, and new product launches without relying on external printing services, which can have longer lead times. This allows the ultimate packaging customization and freedom.

Cost Efficiency

Private label products are often more cost-effective for retailers compared to manufacturing products in-house or purchasing branded products from third-party manufacturers. This cost efficiency can lead to competitive pricing strategies.

While there is an initial investment in purchasing label printing equipment, in-house label printing can lead to significant cost savings over time. It eliminates the need to order large batches of pre-printed labels, reduces inventory costs, and minimizes waste from obsolete labels.

Imagine that a company is creating a private label product with production in full swing. As with all markets, there is a sudden change in consumer behavior or product regulations that causes the client to pivot with its label. This change can be something as small as an additional ingredient or as critical as a new regulation, both requiring a complete label redesign. Without an in-house label printing solution, you may be looking at a loss from the remaining label inventory and time wasted as you work with your partners in creating, sourcing, and supplying the new labels to match the client needs.

With printing solutions such as the NeuraLabel TotalPress , a high-volume digital label press that allows for the production of high-quality finished labels in-house, your private label company has the ability to meet new challenges all while keeping costs down. The NeuraLabel TotalPress‘ ability to print, die cut, and finish multiple rolls of labels at high-speed means eliminating the need for blank inventory rolls that might become obsolete. This complete and flexible solution can also significantly reduce the man hours required in the overall label printing process.

Quality Assurance

Private label manufacturers focus on maintaining high-quality standards to meet their clients’ expectations. They often invest in quality control processes and testing to ensure consistency and safety. This standard of quality and consistency also applies to product labels. These labels must meet the client’s specifications, from design to color accuracy, all while presenting a professional and cohesive brand image.

With a printing solution such as the NeuraLabel Callisto, a highly consistent printer with built-in color profiles and accurate print placement, client needs can be met with top-notch quality and precision. Labels can meet clients’ specifications with precise colors and print placements.

In the ever-evolving world of retail and branding, private label companies play an indispensable role in bridging the gap between retailers and high-quality, cost-effective products. With brands like “Kirkland Signature” showcasing the immense potential of private labels, there’s no doubt that the prominence of this model in today’s market is a crucial cog in the wheel of consumer product supply chains

Moreover, with the onset of advanced label printing solutions, these private label companies are poised to be even more agile, responsive, and efficient. The ability to produce high-quality, vibrant, and customized labels in-house, without the delay of external vendors, not only accelerates the production process but also amplifies the customization potential for each product.

As the market dynamics continue to shift, it’s clear that the combination of private-label manufacturing and cutting-edge in-house label printing solutions is setting a new gold standard for brand differentiation and consumer satisfaction. If your private label company wants to continue to stay ahead of the curve, or to see our solutions in action and learn more, join NeuraLabel Printing Solutions at the PLMA’s Private Label Tradeshow 2023.