The all-in-one Scorpio Series label finishing offers everything you need to professionally cut and finish labels. Here are the top five reasons why the Scorpio Series is the solution to your label finishing needs:

5. Uses Regular Media for Custom Die Cuts

Standard pre-die cut media limits design options to square, rectangular or circular shapes. Historically, irregular shapes required incurring an additional expense to create custom pre-die cut media. The Scorpio Series can take any approved roll of media and custom designed and cut on-demand with minimal waste.

4. Highly Mobile

The Scorpio Series is equipped with heavy-duty wheels allowing the Scorpio system to be easily maneuvered around an office by one person.

3. Lamination Adds Durability

The Scorpio Series laminating module adds durability to your labels keeping them looking as intended. Lamination resists dirt, sun, and liquid damage without the need for special media.

2. Cost Savings

The Scorpio Series will save you money. From minimizing waste to eliminating expensive custom pre-die cut media, the Scorpio Series is the cost-effective solution for on-demand label production.

1. Versatility to Meet Demands

Simply put, the Scorpio Series is designed to meet the on-demand label finishing needs for use with digital color label printers. It provides the in-house flexibility to change labels on the fly for holidays, special promotions, or product adjustments reducing inventory and costs.

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