Use the following steps to update your NeuraLabel 300x firmware using your MacIntosh. These instructions apply for a network or USB cable connection. MacIntosh users should contact NeuraLabel support for the appropriate firmware update file.  Note that these steps send the firmware file to the default printer.  Instructions for sending the file to a specific printer also follow.

  • Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to your MacIntosh with a USB or network cable.
  • Obtain the latest 300x firmware from NeuraLabel Support web page and unzip the file.
  • The file you need will have the extension .ful.  (Do not run the Update program in this folder.)
  • Launch the MacIntosh Terminal Window, found under Applications->Utilities.
  • Type the command lp followed by a space.
  • Drag and drop the firmwarefile.ful to the command line.
  • Enter return to begin updating the printer.
Launching the Terminal Utility on the MacIntosh

Launching the Terminal Utility on the MacIntosh

At this point the operator panel on the printer will say EXTRACTING and then STORING. The process will take a few minutes.

When the update is complete, print out the Printer Status Report from the operator panel to confirm the update was successful.

  • On the printer operator panel go to the Home Screen. Press Setup.
  • Scroll down to Print Reports.
  • Select Printer Status Report.
  • The Printer Firmware version is printed on this report.

To send to a specific printer use the -d option and specify the printer name replacing and non alpha-numeric characters with an underscore. For example my printer name is:
Neuralog NeuraLabel 300x [JAYA]

So to send firmware to it:

  • lp -d Neuralog_NeuraLabel_300x__JAYA_ firmwarefile.ful

Notice how both the spaces and the brackets [ and ] are both replaced with _ .