This week’s feature media is a Glossy Polypropylene product made by UPM Raflatac.  This media has amazing performance and is one of our most highly recommended “go to” medias when label image quality is critical.  Its instant dry time, high gloss finish and superior durability result in a very user friendly solution for a variety of label printing applications.

UPM Raflatac’s Polyjet Gloss White SY841T synthetic media has vibrant colors, making it one of our favorites for client samples.  It is rub, scratch and water resistant.  It comes with a general purpose, strong permanent adhesive and a 40# white kraft liner.  This material performs well at low temperatures and can be applied at 32°F with a service temp as low as -4°F.  Maximum service temperature is 176°F, therefore it is not recommended for high heat applications.

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions testing has found the SY841T product to be one of the best looking label medias available in terms of product brilliance and resilience. We recommend our printer driver Media Type setting of Synthetic Labels for this media with an Ink Saver set to Low.   These settings control the amount of ink placed on the glossy material, and we feel give the best overall appearance for most label images.

UPM Raflatac is a global industry supplier of pressure sensitive labels.  Since they began to work on solvent-based products in the 1970s, they have been a leader in innovations surrounding adhesive technology.  UPM Raflatac recently celebrated its 40th anniversary and still is significantly focused in labeling research.  Their website can be found at

UPM Raflatac Polyjet Gloss White PP SY841T Data Sheet

How do I get this media?

UPM Raflatac UK
Wareham Road, Eastfield,
N.Yorks, YO11 3DX Scarborough
United Kingdom
+44 1723 583661
UPM Raflatac, Inc.
(one of four US locations)
400 Broadpointe Drive,
Mills River NC 28759
United States
+1 800 992 3882