This week we’ll feature our favorite BS5609 certified media, a Vinyl label that is both inkjet and laser printer friendly.  This media, made by UPM Raflatac, is called Polyjet Laser Matte White SY823Z.  When used with the NeuraLabel 300x this media is Section 3 BS5609 certified, which means printed labels can withstand the rigors of transportation in a marine environment even to the extent of submersion in seawater for 90 days.

The SY823Z media allows for an instant ink cure with vibrant colors.  In addition to being durable, its instant drying time makes it extremely flexible for a variety of applications and allows instant label use.  Also noteworthy is that in general Vinyl is known to be “recycle friendly” as opposed to being “environmentally friendly.”

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions testing has found this to be one of the best looking matte label medias available in terms of product brilliance and resilience.  The “instant dry” makes it smudge free for immediate handling without sacrificing a great printed image with brilliant colors.  Because Polyjet Laser Matte White SY823Z accepts all colors of ink so well, a Plain Paper media type setting with Ink Saver Off is recommended to give the maximum image “pop.”  If printing costs are of significant concern, Ink Saver can be used to reduce ink costs, and while not as inexpensive as paper, vinyl is one of the more reasonably priced synthetic materials.

UPM Raflatac is a global industry supplier of pressure sensitive labels.  Since they began to work on solvent-based products in the 1970s, they have been a leader in innovations surrounding adhesive technology.  UPM Raflatac recently celebrated its 40th anniversary and still is significantly focused in labeling research.

How do I get this media?

For this and other blank die-cut and continuous label media, contact NeuraLabel sales for information.