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Cleaning the Callisto Drive Rollers
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Checking and Cleaning the Callisto Drive Rollers

The Callisto printer has a main drive roller or set of rollers that go across the width of the print track to move the media. These polyurethane rollers are orange in color and somewhat rubbery to the touch. Because the drive rollers touch the media, they can collect dust, glue, ink, and other media-related debris.

Callisto printer vacuum table adjustment
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Checking the Vacuum Fan

The vacuum table and fan is important for holding media in place as it goes through the printer. Functionality of the vacuum table fan can be checked via the printer operator panel.

Callisto Large OD Roll-to-Roll
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Loading Media on the Callisto Large OD Roll-to-Roll System

To load media on the the Callisto Large OK Roll-to-Roll System, follow these steps and view the…

Scalar Board Programming
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Programming the Callisto Scaler Board

Before completing the steps shown in this video, please schedule an appointment with NeuraLabel Support at….