NeuraLabel NoTouch™ Unwinder/Rewinder

Media-Sensing Unwinder/Rewinder Unit

  • Simple to set up and use
  • Works over a wide range of print speeds
  • Works with roll widths from 1.5 inches to 8.5 inches
  • Creates nice tight rolls of labels
  • Incorporates state of the art media sensing technologies
  • Integrates with the NeuraLabel 300x label printer or can be configured to work with other production label printers

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NoTouch-Rewinder-Unwinder attached to the  NeuraLabel 300x Label Printer

See the NoTouch™ Unwinder/Rewinder Set Up Instructions.

The NeuraLabel NoTouch™ Unwinder/Rewinder System (NoTouch™ UR) incorporates state-of-the-art media sensing technologies that allow for a simple unwinder/rewinder unit. With an exceptionally small footprint, the unit is easy to move, set up, and use.

The NeuraLabel NoTouch™ UR uses optical sensors that monitor media movement for both unwinding and rewinding systems. Programmable sensors monitor data and use control algorithms to determine the appropriate media speed for both input and output rollers. Powerful geared stepper motors move the unwinder and rewinder hubs at the appropriate speeds based on input from the control module. The result is a smooth unwinder/rewinder system that gracefully handles your rolled media throughout the entire printing process.

The NeuraLabel NoTouch™ UR integrates readily with the NeuraLabel 300x label printer or can be configured to work with other production label printers. Contact NeuraLabel Printing Solutions ( for more information.

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NeuraLabel NoTouch Unwinder/Rewinder Specifications*
Media Width 1.5″ to 8.5″
Roll Diameter Up to 8″ diameter
Power Supply Built-in Universal, 110V or 220V
Media Speed Up to 20 ips (inches per second)
Upgrades Field Upgradable
State of the Art Sensors (No "dancer arm" necessary)
Warranty 1 Year Return to Depot, Platinum On-site Service Available
*Specifications subject to change.