Colamark A920 Labeling System

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Colamark A920 Front and Back Labeling System

  • Particularly suitable for oval, rectangular, or irregular bottles
  • Alignment device ensures symmetrical alignment of bottles along the centerline
  • User-friendly interactive touch-screen control
  • Optional hot-stamping or inkjet coder for date-coding labels

Colamark A920
Label Applicator for the Front and Back of Bottles

Precisely apply labels to oval, rectangular, or irregular bottles.

The Colamark A920 labeling machine is designed with easy adjustment, flexibility and reliability in mind, A920 is an ideal choice for front and back labeling on oval, rectangular, or irregular shaped bottles. A special designed alignment belt aligns the bottles before entering the labeling station and synchronized hold-down belt maintains the gesture of bottles during the labeling process. This way, labeling precision is ensured while offering high through capacity and adjustment convenience at the same time.

The A920 label system has a user friendly interactive touch screen control panel that makes operation convenient and straight forward. It also offers plenty of on-screen help functions and alarms. Other helpful features include effective prevention of problems such as missed labeling, wrong position, and double labeling and includes an intelligent label quantity management system with warning messages.

This system can be used as a stand-alone labeling system or can be easily integrated into an existing production line.

Available options:

Special label sensor for detection of film transparent labels
Registration features to cater for more specific labeling requirements
Wrap-around device to allow handling round bottle labeling with the same machine
Registration control device to allow precise control of label position on the round bottle in relation to registration marks
Hot-stamping coder or inkjet coder for date-coding on the labels
Visual inspection devices

Colamark A920 Specifications
Model A920
Name Front and Back Labeling System
Container Sizes Width (across the direction of movement): 30-90mm Height: ≤300mm
Labeling Speed 150 bottles/min (depends on bottle and label sizes)
Labeling Precision ±1.0mm (other than errors from bottles and labels)
Electricity 220VAC±5% 50Hz 2.1Kw
Machine Dimensions (L)3,000mm × (W)1,620mm × (H)1,591mm

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