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Print Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic producers often carry a wide variety of product types and scents. Every product type, scent, and color requires different packaging that is as beautiful as it is effective. Our solutions allow for flexible full, color, water-resistant, high-resolution label printing using the NeuraLabel Sirius and the NeuraLabel Sprint label printer.

Fast, Easy, and Affordable

NeuraLabel printers are some of the most affordable on the market, taking up as little space as a desktop printer without sacrificing quality. Our versatile inks and media also allow you to print your labels on-demand for as little as pennies. Our low cost of lifetime ownership is impressive.

Complete Line of Printing Solutions

NeuraLabel has an extensive line of printers, roll systems, finishing equipment, and label applicators. We also have tested a large variety of media. So let us help you configure the perfect combination of media, inks, and hardware to fit your particular needs.

Cosmetics Labeling Regulations/Resources

FDA Cosmetics Labeling
FDA Cosmetics Labeling Regulations
FDA Summary of Cosmetics Labeling Requirements
Download Food and Drug Administration Cosmetic Labeling Guide
Code of Federal Regulations: PART 701 - COSMETIC LABELING
Compliance FAQs: Packaging and Labeling in the US

Recommended Solutions

NeuraLabel has an extensive line of label printers, roll systems, and finishing equipment for cosmetics labels and related products. Let us help you select the perfect combination of media, inks, and hardware to fit your particular needs.
NeuraLabel Sirius Label Printer
  • Durable labels, toner–based, LED printer
  • 5–color CMYK+White, or 4–color CMYK
  • 1200 dpi – Up to 6 ips – Print width .83″ to 5.0″
  • Prints durable full-color labels at 90 feet per minute
  • Water-resistant pigment inks ensure labels won't wrinkle or fade
  • Prints on media from 1" to 12" wide