NeuraLabel TotalPress Powered by Callisto

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NeuraLabel TotalPress - High-Volume Digital Label Press

  • High-volume production
  • In-Line Print, Die-Cut and Laminate
  • High-Quality Labels Powered by Callisto
  • On-Board Production Management Reports
  • Durable Pigment Inks
  • Maximum roll diameter of 17.3 in (440 mm)
  • Maximum Print Width of 12 in (304 mm)
  • Maximum Web Width of 13 in (330 mm)
  • Finishing speed up to 18 inches/second
  • Affordable Flexible Magnetic Dies

NeuraLabel TotalPress
Powered by Callisto

High-Volume Inline System that prints and finishes labels for complete flexibility in-house.

The NeuraLabel TotalPress can print, die cut, and finish labels at up to 60 feet per minute. This total solution can laminate, die cut, waste removal, slitting, and rewinding to finished rolls ready for product application.

NeuraLabel TotalPress adds essential flexibility for high-volume label consumers. Bring label production in-house to simplify inventory, reduce costs, and creative flexibility.

Print shops are also using the NeuraLabel TotalPress to offload short runs from larger, more expensive equipment or to add the capability to produce labels in-house—allowing for faster turnaround, better quality control, and more profitability on lower-volume label runs.

NeuraLabel TotalPress Specifications
Print Speed Variable Speed Control Up to 18 inches per second (457mm per second)
Print Quality 1200 DPI Full-Color
Ink NeuraLabel Durable Pigment Ink
Structure Steel Frame with LED Illuminated Work Area
Cutting Dies Flexible steel - From 50mm to 380mm Repeat
Laminate Self Wound or Linered
Dimensions 90.55" (230cm) W X 56.66" (149cm) H X 33.46" (85cm) D
Weight 429.9 lb (195 kgs) net
Print Web Width 12" (304mm)
Maximum Web Width 13" (330mm)
Maximum Diecutting Width 13" (330mm)
Maximum Diecutting Length 15" (381mm)
Maximum Roll Diameter 17.3" (440mm)
Maximum Laminate OD 11.8" (300mm)
Maximum Finished Label Rewind 11" (280mm)
Maximum Waste Matrix Rewind 11.8" (300)
Razor Slitter Assembly 6 Knives - Lateral Adjustment 0.47" (12mm)
Back Slitters 2 Rotary Knives
Power 240v; 9amps
Powered Unwind 3280 feet (1000 Meters)
Sensor Mark 5mm x 7mm Registration: +/ - 0.2mm
Registration Sensor Laser with Adjustment of 3.9" (100mm)
Lateral Die Head Adjustment 0.47" (12mm)
Core Sizes 3" (76mm)
Loop Proximity sensors
Motors 2 Servo, 4 Speed control
Control PLC and Servo controllers

Contact support at or 281.207.8555 x1.