NeuraLabel's Label Printers

Label Printers

NeuraLabel sells commercial and industrial label printers that are easy to use, fast, reliable, and economical. Whether you need a label printer to print as few as 250 labels or as many as 250,000 professional-quality labels in-house, NeuraLabel has the perfect printer to print extremely durable labels from widths of 0.75 inches to 12 inches to cover any of your labeling needs across many markets and industries.
The printers we sell use a variety of printing technologies. The NeuraLabel Callisto label printer, excellent for both the GHS and prime markets, uses thermal inkjet technology, as does the Afinia L301. The NeuraLabel Sprint is a traditional inkjet printer label printer using either dye or pigment-based inks. The NeuraLabel Sirius, 550e, and 600e are all toner-based, laser label printers. We also sell several Afinai label printers that use Memjet Waterfall Printhead Technology®. Finally, we sell a line of portable and desktop thermal label printers from SATO.

High-Speed Inkjet Label Printer with Durable Pigment Ink
Print GHS-compliant or prime labels requiring durability for harsh environments.

NeuraLabel Sirius Label Printer
NeuraLabel Sirius

CMYK + White Label Printer for Narrow-Format Labels
Full-color label printer with the added capability of printing white. Includes an integrated unwinder.

NeuraLabel 550e GHS Label Printer
NeuraLabel 550e

Fast, Full-Featured GHS Laser Label Printer
Advanced laser printhead and unique microfine toner technology provide exceptional speed and image clarity.

NeuraLabel 600e Label Printer
NeuraLabel 600e

High-Volume Commercial Grade Laser Label Printer
High definition (HD) color printing technology provides sharp detail and rich, dramatic colors.

Afinia L901 Label Printer
Afinia L901 / L901 Plus

Industrial Color Label Printer
Designed for high-volume roll-to-roll and inline manufacturing applications.

Afinia L801 / L801 Plus Label Printer
Afinia L801 / L801 Plus

Commercial Color Label Printer
Ideal for short- to medium-range print runs for prime and secondary labeling applications.

Afinia L701 Label Printer
Afinia L701

Digital Color Label Printer
Affordable investment for mid-volume print runs of high-impact, full-color labels

NeuraLabel Sprint Label Printer
NeuraLabel Sprint

Desktop Printer for Short to Medium Label Runs
A true desktop solution for full-color, short- to medium-run labels from 1′′ to 8.5′′ wide.

Afinia L301 Label Printer
Afinia L301

Small Business Color Label Printer
Introductory-level dye-based printer for small and growing businesses.