Print Your Chemical Labels

GHS & Compliance Labels

Manufacturers are developing GHS compliant, in-house systems with the NeuraLabel 300x Printer and the NeuraLabel 500e Printer.

  • With our full-color label printing, you can move beyond most GHS printers exclusive red-black ink limitations. You will now have the ability to print your complete GHS labels in one pass - including company logos and graphics.
  • 2400 dpi will allow for clearly legible small fonts and barcodes - ensuring safety and proper identification.
  • With the ability to print at speeds up to 100 feet per minute, there is no need for a back stock of pre-printed labels - resulting in waste.
  • Water-resistant pigment inks ensure resistance to abrasion, saltwater immersion, and UV exposure - BS5609 approved labels available.
  • Roll-to-Roll printing capability allows for easy application and storage.
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See the NeuraLabel 300x Variable-width GHS compliant label printer in action.

The NeuraLabel 300x is a high-speed, high resolution printer for in-house, digital on-demand color label printing. Featuring advanced page-wide printhead technology, the NeuraLabel 300x is capable of print speeds up to 20 inches per second (that's over 100 letter size labels per minute). With print resolution up to 2400 x 1200 dpi, colors pop and graphics look sharp on your finished labels. Utilizing water-resistant pigment inks ensures that you can print on a wide variety of label media, suitable to any application, including moisture and abrasion resistant synthetic media. The NeuraLabel 300x prints labels in any width from 1.5 to 8.5 inches, on either fan-folded or rolled label media.