NeuraLabel Longitudinal Label Slitter

NeuraLabel Label Printers

Longitudinal Label Slitter for Label Printers

  • 4 blades included
  • 100-240 vac power supply, 50-60 Hz, input of 24V, 5A
  • 3″ fixed core holders
  • Outside roll diameter up to 9.84″
  • Media width up to 9.84″
  • Minimum slitting width 0.86″
  • Manual speed adjustment
  • Label rewinding face-out or face-in
  • Dimensions: L: 28.34″, H: 14.56″, W: 16.73″
  • Weight: 55 lbs.

Longitudinal Label Slitter
Effeciently Cut Custom Product Labels

Make the most of the print area with more rows of labels from the same roll.

Our Matrix Remover and Label Slitter is a great companion to any NeuraLabel printing system. This device allows you reduce production time by creating multiple rolls of labels from a single 8.5 inch roll. In addition, the waste matrix is removed in-line, allowing the end user to remove each label with ease.