NeuraLabel Pairs with Wasatch

NeuraLabel Pairs with Wasatch to Offer Cutting-Edge "Spot-on" Technology 7/24/2017—Houston, TX | For Immediate Release

NeuraLabel Printing Solutions now offers customers superior color-matching technology and print management with SoftRIP Label Edition, new software from Wasatch, a leader in printing software. This software is accessible via the custom SoftRIP Label Edition driver, which is available with the NeuraLabel 300x, NeuraLabel’s high-speed, variable-width label printer.

SoftRIP Label Edition is designed specifically for on-demand, high-speed label production and allows users to achieve superior color reproduction, smooth gradients, natural skin tones and ultra-sharp text. Its Spot Color Replacement tool and color databases allow users to accurately match spot colors. Its interactive interface allows for easy adjustments to the size and orientation of images and the creation of the desired print layout. Optional Variable Data Printing (VDP) for sequential numbers, text, barcodes or images is also available as an add-on option.

NeuraLabel is one of the only label printer developers to offer this technology, and they are excited to be able to offer their customers yet another way to perfect the label printing process.

About NeuraLabel
NeuraLabel is the complete label printing solution for product and regulatory labels. We pair breakthrough printing technology with innovative software to offer the best continuous, desktop label printers available. NeuraLabel was established to provide high-quality, user-friendly, scalable and economic label printing solutions. NeuraLabel printers are the result of years of research and development in order to meet a variety of application needs.