NeuraLabel Releases Toolbox Application

NeuraLabel Perfects Print Quality with Release of Toolbox Application 7/24/2017–Houston, TX | For Immediate Release

Over time, even the best inkjet printers can cause streaks called banding on printed media. Sherry Land, head software engineer at NeuraLabel Printing Solutions, wanted to do something about this, so she developed Toolbox, a user-friendly application that fixes print quality issues common to inkjet printers.

NeuraLabel is a leading developer of Prime and GHS desktop label printers, printing software and finishing equipment. Their high-speed, variable-width label inkjet printer known as the NeuraLabel 300x utilizes this software. The only application of its type, Toolbox allows a user to identify the exact location of the banding and send correction codes to the printer. It can also ensure precise image placement with the Image Placement and Stretch Adjustment panel.

About NeuraLabel
NeuraLabel is the complete label printing solution for product and regulatory labels. We pair breakthrough printing technology with innovative software to offer the best continuous, desktop label printers available. NeuraLabel was established to provide high-quality, user-friendly, scalable and economic label printing solutions. NeuraLabel printers are the result of years of research and development in order to meet a variety of application needs.