NeuraLabel Callisto Roll-To-Roll Systems

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We are extremely satisfied with the new printer! The Callisto outperforms its predecessor by leaps and bounds. We've had a few color-label printers, and the Callisto is hands down the best. We give NeuraLabel a thumbs up for the new design and ease of use!

Deontre Winston, Soap Daddy

NeuraLabel Label Printers

Roll-To-Roll Label Printing Solutions for the Callisto Label Printer

  • 8.5-inch standard Roll System provides a low cost solution for standard size rolls
  • 13-inch industrial extended Roll System accommodates larger rolls to lower material costs
  • Durable tight label rolls producted at 90 feet per minute, ready for your applicator
  • Water-resistant pigment inks ensure BS5609 and GHS-compliance on approved materials
  • Wide range of media options including paper and synthetics
  • Extra-large ink cartridges allow uninterrupted printing
  • On-board storage allows saved job reprints
  • Simple to operate and maintain

NeuraLabel Callisto Roll-To-Roll Systems
High-Performance Digital Label Printing Solution

Economical roll-to-roll units for creating full-color labels in-house.
NeuraLabel Callisto 13-Inch Roll-to-Roll Systems Specifications*
Recommended Solution for small and large width label media.
Media Width 1″ – 12.1″* (printable width 12")
Roll Diameter Up to 11″
Motors Universal Power
Sensors 2-part configurable Dancer Arms for Small and Large Labels
Footprint 25.00" W x 17.50" H x 52.50" L (629 mm W x 444.50 mm H x 1332.50 mm L)
NeuraLabel Callisto 8.5-Inch Roll-to-Roll Systems Specifications*
Media Width 2″ – 8.5″
Roll Diameter Up to 12″
Motors Universal Power
Sensors Dancer Arms
Footprint System: 19.28" W x 14.15" H x 49.92"L (489.71 mm W x 359.41 mm H x 1267.97 mm L)