NeuraLabel & BarTender

A seamless printing automation solution

BarTender and NeuraLabel
Create and Automate Labels, Barcodes and More!

BarTender® barcode and label software and our NeuraLabel label printers integrate seamlessly with your regulatory data — whether stored in an ERP system or in a local database — to create a dependable and scalable label printing solution that completely automates GHS compliance label printing.

The NeuraLabel Callisto printer is a high-speed inkjet drum label printer that meets all OSHA/GHS requirements.

  • Prints durable full-color labels at 90 feet per minute
  • Prints water-resistant pigment inks to ensure BS5609-approved and GHS-compliant labels
  • Prints on media from 1" to 12" wide
  • Print fanfold or roll-to-roll
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Wide range of media options including paper and synthetics

BarTender barcode and label software is an integral component of the GHS compliance labeling strategy of the world's chemical facilities, from ICIS top ten manufacturers to small, regional operations. BarTender offers:

  • A seamless connection between your ERP system and the NeuraLabel Callisto, whether used with one printer at a single plant or thousands of printers at facilities
  • A GHS sample label template with built-in business rules that enable regulatory compliance
  • Flexible licensing for centralized, decentralized or hybrid deployments, providing adaptable levels of access