Rolled Media Manual Unwinder

Effeciently Cut Custom Product Labels

Starting and storing your media with any printer becomes much easier with an unwinder.

Perfect for the budget conscious customer, this simple "starter-unwinder" is made of a solid steel base, precision steel shaft, and slidable guides that make it stable and reliable. With no electronic parts, it's convenient for temporary storage or for getting your continuous labels started. We recommend this product in the following scenarios:

  • Budget conscience customer
  • Getting started at printing continuous labels
  • Backup for any other unwinding equipment from any manufacturer

Please note: This system must be fully attended and is not meant to be an automated production unwinder.

The NeuraLabel Passive Unwinder has been designed for easy integration with the NeuraLabel 300x label printer, but can also be used with other continuous label printers.

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Passive Unwinder for the NeuraLabel 300x Label Printer