NeuraLabel 600e Unwinder/Rewinder

Variable-Width Digital Labeling Solution

The NeuraLabel 600e Unwinder/Rewinder has been designed to handle continuous or pre die-cut rolls of label media with the NeuraLabel 600e label printer. With a roll-to-roll system in place, you can quickly print your labels without compromising quality.

The NeuraLabel 600e with Unwinder/Rewinder prints stunning, full-color labels at speeds up to 6 ips. Choose from a wide range of medias to print the perfect label for your products.

NeuraLabel specializes in label printing solutions for mid- to small-runs. With minimal waste, high-speed capabilities, and unparalleled support, NeuraLabel's 600e Unwinder/Rewinder is exactly what you need to print your labels on-demand quickly using our 600e Printer.

The unit uses an external power supply (100/240VAC - 2.5A at 24V) that allows an electronic circuit to provide the adjustment of the rotation speed, using a 2A fuse as protection. It can be added to the NeuraLabel 600e label printer to produce labels roll to roll, improving the efficiency of your color label printing operation.

Add the NeuraLabel 600e Unwinder/Rewinder to your NeuraLabel 600e printer and produce your labels quickly, on-demand with roll-to-roll printing.

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NeuraLabel 600e NoTouch Unwinder/Rewinder

NeuraLabel 600e Unwinder/Rewinder Specifications*
Media Width 4″ | 6″ | 8.5″ wide
Roll Diameter Up to 11″ diameter
Media Speed Up to 20 ips (inches per second)
Power Supply Built-in Universal, 110V or 220V
Sensors "Dancer Arms"
Warranty 1 Year Return to Depot, Platinum On-site Service Available
*Specifications subject to change.